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How do I order products?


There are 2 ways of ordering Young Nails products.

  1. The first is through an authorized Young Nails distributor. Go to Locate Distributor on the web site and find the nearest dealer in your area. There is a telephone number or email address for you to get in direct contact with the right person.

  2. Second, is online shopping. Customers can register online and begin shopping after they have been approved by our customer service department. It usually takes about 1 day for online approval.

Can I use Finish Gel on top of Mani Q ?


You cannot use Finish on top of Mani Q because the seal is to hard. Mani Q is a soft gel. Because of its nature, putting a hard seal on the surface can create spider cracks on the surface.

What is the best way to achieve perfect smile lines?


There are two ways of achieving smile lines: Traditional application and Reverse application. The fastest and easiest way to learn is by mastering the Reverse technique. This is a Young Nails tradmarked technique that had proven successful around the world. The greatest benefit of the technique is cleanliness. Glitter or colored powder can be applied without worrying about whether it will get on the nail bed. You are guaranteed a faster and sharper look all the time!

What is the best way to achieve perfect smile lines?

What is the difference in Core and Speed systems set times?


Finding the perfect consistency depends on how much liquid-to-powder is mixed. Getting a controlled application can prevent the product from running or drying too quickly. If there is too much liquid, press the back of the brush onto the paper towel for 1 second to remove any extra liquid. The pearl should not have any dry powder around the edges before application. If it’s too wet, the product will stick to the brush while pressing it into place. You should be able to press the product perfectly into place without the product sticking to the brush, running into the cuticles, or drying before bonding to the natural nail.

Acrylic Setting Times

Core (Medium to Fast)

1:30 minutes before there is no movement

4:30 before the product can be filed


Speed (Fast)

1:00 minute before there is no movement

4:00 minutes before the product can be filed

What is the mix ratio for mixing glitter into acrylic?


The perfect mix ratio is 3:1. 3 parts Speed Clear to 1 part glitter. This is going to give you the best workability. Use a 1/4 oz(7g) jar and fill the Speed Clear just under the neck. Then, fill the rest of the jar with glitters of your choice. Its nice to choose colors that will work well together. For example, Jet Black, Rock Star, and Silver are a perfect combination for stunning black free edge.


"Wat 'n great experience!
Young Nails is defnitief 'n wonderlike produk en sien uit om 'n pad saam met julle te stap. Gertina jy is wondelike mentor dankie vir al die hulp en geduld. Sien baie uit na die nuwe adventure"

By Tarien Ferreira,   Young Nails Cape North student, 9  July  2018

"Amazing Experience.

Everyone is friendly and helpful.

Thanx Yolande. I was amazed by everything you thought me!
Will definitely be back for more courses." 


By Virginie Bryant, Young Nails Kempton Park student. 19 Jan 2018

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